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Where is the real Shipwreck Beach in Hawaii: Solving the mystery of Keonoeloa Bay

Shipwreck Beach in Hawaii offers a bit of adventure while also offering a nice touch of romance. In actuality, two separate beaches in Hawaii have been named Shipwreck Beach. Each beach has something to offer and it is up to the travelers to determine which beach has more to offer for their personal interest.

One of these beaches is located on the northeastern side of the Hawaiian island of Lana’i. This island is noted for being the most exclusive among the islands adding to the sense of romance that honeymooners can experience while visiting Shipwreck Beach. One of the main attractions of this sandy destination is a mysterious looking shipwreck off in the distance. This shipwreck is of the oil tanker, Liberty, which fell victim to the rocky channel along the eight-mile stretch of beach in the 1940s.

The beach also offers a quick trip to the lighthouse ruins at Kaiolohia, petroglyphs, and an adventurous hiking trail. Unfortunately, swimming is not among the many water sports that can be enjoyed at this location due to the intensity of the ocean waves. Surfing, kayaking, and body boarding are among those water sports that can be enjoyed here. Beachgoers can enjoy the sun and sand as the comb the shores for small treasures.

The other beach is located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Although this too was once the site of an old wooden shipwreck, the ship can no longer be seen since it has sunken to the depths of the ocean. However, Makawehi Point, a lithified sand dune provides an awesome spot for photographic opportunities.

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This is what I would call the real shipwreckbeach because of it's popularity to the many visitors and locals alike. Also fronted by the Grand Hyatt Hotel makes this beach a particularily comfortable one as well. In the near distance you can see the very cliffs that Harison ford leaped from in a recent movie. Can you name it---"6 Days and 7 Nights" The beach is also called Keoneloa Bay.

A number of spectacular cliffs can also be seen along this beach. The waves here are extremely rough so swimming is not advised. Among those water sports that can be enjoyed here are kayaking, body boarding, and surfing. Visitors will find an elegant Hyatt resort bordering the beach offers a place for a cool drink, a good meal, and a good night’s rest.

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Keoneloa Bay can be found on the South Shore of Kauai past Koloa and into Poipu. Follow the road to the end before it turns to dirt then make a right turn past the Hyatt Hotel.

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